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Cultural Producer
Culture succeeds when it is profitable for everyone involved: artists, curators, audience, mediators and enablers.

BNKR – current reflections on art and architecture

Entrance BNKR Hochbunker Ungererstrasse, Munich. Photography: Dominik Gigler.

As the director of the artspace BNKR, a cultural engagement of Euroboden Architekturkultur, I had the opportunity - in close cooperation with Stefan F. Höglmaier, managing director and founder of Euroboden GmbH - to transform the bunker Ungererstraße in Munich/North Schwabing into a place of artistic practice and cultural participation.


The strategic starting point was the question of how to create an engagement that would add something new to a city like Munich that is well equipped with cultural institutions? To what extent could multiperspectivity and diversity of disciplines be explained as central strategies of cultural action without appearing random or even irrelevant? Taking these factors into account, the concept of commissioning external curators, who were entrusted with the implementation of annual programs, the so-called BNKR Intervals, was launched in 2014. For each BNKR Interval, a financial package was guaranteed by Euroboden Architekturkultur, which included a fee, production costs, items for PR/digital marketing as well as a final publication.


From 2014 until 2022 BNKR - current reflections on art and architecture focused on the participation and involvement of its visitors and was neither a museum, gallery, off-space nor festival in the classic sense, but appropriated parameters of all these formats. This created an interdisciplinary space of possibilities that reflected on social issues with the help of contemporary art and architecture.

Özgür Kar (2020): 'It is all in his head', Two 4K videos with sound, 20ʼ (loop), Two 75” TVs, TV stands, Media players, Cord-reel. Courtesy the Artist and Edouard Montassut, Paris. "The Architecture of Confinement" (19.06.-17.10.21), BNKR München. Photography: Dominik Gigler.

Mentoring Program Deutscher Kulturrat Berlin

In July 2022, my project proposal for the mentoring program of the Deutscher Kulturrat (German Cultural Council) was selected from 350 submissions alongside 39 other applicants. The 'Frauen in Kultur & Medien' (Women in Culture & Media) mentoring program is aimed at highly qualified women who aspire to a leading position in the culture and media sector. The goals of the program are strategic career advice, practical support, positioning the mentees in the cultural community and building an alumni network.