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Cultural Producer

The central medium of my artistic work is painting. In the paintings I'd like to design a pictorial world that strives for figuration, but never clearly defines itself.

on canvas
on paper

Since the drawing serves as a media tool for perception, measurement and classification of the outside world, it functions as a structurally effective coordinate system.

on canvas
on paper

The photographic intervention is a process of appropriation and transforms foreign places into familiar, pictorial objects.

"Presence" is a long-term project that came into existence between 2018 and 2024. In its final version it consists of 35 digital images that will be exhibited in form of small format prints. Since many years I'm reflecting the topic presence / absence. In the context of the project I tried to visualize my feelings by collecting images that could possibly put a precise focus or an enlightening spot on that topic area. Each time, when the absence of another person is perceived as a form of inner emptiness one has the opportunity to connect to oneself again, to be literally present and to regard this presence as a gift.
If you see something, say something2010
Inspired by Paule Marshall's quote "building the city out of words", during my three-month stay in New York I had the intention of realizing a photo essay that should intensively reflect both urban aspects of the metropolis and my personal environment. In the sense of an emphatically subjective, visual authorship, photographs were taken that finally condense into a multi-faceted portrait, into a metaphorical narrative: "building the city out of images". The photo essay created in this way alternates between purely documentary shots and poetic photographs, all of which are embedded in the overarching framework of the "city that never sleeps".
My removal from major city to bavarian province was the starting point for "Inkubation". The new surrounding allowed me to make daily trips to the nearby forests and grasslands. In so doing kind of favourite places developed and caused over a period of several months the present foto project, which includes about 34 photos. The series contains abstract images as well as representational images, whereas the latter document remarkable details or the specific characteristics of a complete location. Even though the images display neither people nor events or tracks of human culture they hold a strong narrative potential. They tell about tolerating nature’s rules as well as one’s subjective feelings. Nevertheless it’s about unemotional analysis and observation, concerning topics like path of life, journey, encounter and farewell. Due to the fact that the project developed a form of internal legality I decided to call it "Inkubation". This scientific term describes processes, which proceed continously but hardly perceivably. The psychological use of the term is unconscious processing of experience, while being mired into totally different contexts of perception and activity at the same time. Also the images of my photo project pass through an incubation and represent a period in life, in which ideas and conceptions come out of the blur in order to develop consolidated outlines.
Quando sei nato, non puoi più nasconderti2005
The title itself refers to the common thread of the photo series: "Quando sei nato, non puoi più nasconderti", once born, there is no more hiding, instead it‘s important to participate in the world and to find one's own place in it. Based on this theme, the photo project formulates a deliberately non-verbal, poetically distanced statement that finds its resources both in the semi-darkness of a corn field and in the diffuse atmosphere of post-urban (non-)spaces. In the process, the constant alternation of interior and exterior views, of private sphere and public space, of city and country, creates a spectrum of subjective snapshots, the reading of which remains open and thus offers space for intellectual development.
Photographic analysis of urban recreation areas. Documentation of poetic traces in the midst of sterility.
The photographic series "Chatillon" was created during a one-week stay in Chatillon-sur-Loire (Burgundy/France) in the summer of 2003. My intention was to reproduce the prevailing atmosphere as realistically as possible. I found it particularly interesting to capture this strangely slow-moving town and its somewhat mysterious mixture of rural idyll, religiosity and loneliness. The young people have long since moved to the city – what remains is the collective memory of a past that is fading more and more. Apart from a few individual images, I have combined the resulting photographs into tableaux in which photographs taken at different times and from different points of view develop a completely new narrative and thus approach the history of the place in a poetic way in the form of an extended view from above.